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Our Products/Plans

  • Pine Plan
  • Iroko Plan
  • Mahogany Plan
  • Teak Plan

Pine Plan

Unlimited general consultations

Medically prescribed drugs

Medically necessary laboratory/ diagnostic /radiological investigations

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Iroko Plan

Unlimited general consultations.

Childhood immunizations (NPI) only.

Hospitalization (15 days cumulative) in a semi-private ward.

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Mahogany Plan

Routine Annual Medical Screening for principal beneficiary only.

Emergency care.

Eye test and treatment limited to N10, 000.00 per annum for principal.

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Teak Plan

Medically necessary laboratory/ diagnostic /radiological investigations.

Health education and health counseling.

Maternity Care (Antenatal, Peri-natal and Post natal, Normal delivery and Caesarean Section).

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